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What Is An Air Purifier & What Can It Do For You?

Indoor air can be two to five times as polluted compared with outdoor air. This can pose a risk to our health and the quality of the air we breathe each day. Many people have realized this; hence more and more people are turning to air purifiers to clean the air and provide improved air quality inside their homes and businesses.

An air purifier is a device built to disinfect air as well as improve the air quality inside your home or business. It also removes all the impurities like odors, smoke, dust, as well as many allergens and viruses. But not everyone understands what an air purifier is, or which is the best air purifier to purchase. Don’t worry because you will find all the information you need about air purifiers and know which is the best to have professionally installed in your home or business.


An air purifier or air cleaner is part of the HVAC system that eliminates pollutants in the air to enhance the quality of indoor air. Such devices are widely advertised as helpful to patients with allergies and asthma, and to minimize or eliminate cigarette smoke within your home. Commercial air purifiers are made as either small stand-alone units, air purifiers that can be connected to an air handler unit (AHU) or a medical, industrial, and commercial HVAC system.

In some industries, air purifiers can also be used to eliminate impurities from the air prior to manufacturing and/or processing. For this reason, pressure swing absorbers or other techniques of absorption are usually used. But not all air purifiers live up to the marketing hype.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll explain more, and tell you all about one of the best air purifiers on the market today: The iWave Air Purifier.


 iWave Ion Generator Graphic showing polluted air versus clean air


Do you have allergies or concerns that your air is contaminated? Do you want to improve the overall air quality within your home? Well, the iWave-R will solve these problems as it will help to destroy air contaminants, allergens, viruses and bacteria. This device is mounted to the air return on the furnace, where it will produce positive and negative ions that clean the air.iWave-R air purifiers do not contain hazardous by-products and do not require any maintenance or replacement components. In fact, they are self-cleaning.The cleaning process uses a bi-polar Ionization needle-point to produce equal quantities of positive and negative ions. As these ions are released into the air stream it is able to break down moving contaminants and gasses into harmless substances such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water vapor.


iWave is an air purification unit that is installed onto your existing HVAC system. When air passes over the iWave, device-generated ions eliminate airborne viruses, bacteria, allergens, dust, smoke, and odors, providing a safe atmosphere without generating any harmful by-product.

iWave uses proprietary technology, called bi-polar ionization of the needle-point, to produce equivalent quantities of positive and negative ions. These ions break down moving pollutants and gasses into harmless compounds such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water vapor after being injected into the air stream.

As the ions come into contact with viruses, bacteria, or mold, the hydrogen molecules are destroyed – without them, the pathogens have no energy source and will die. The ions often bind to allergens such as pollen and other particles, allowing them to band together until they are large enough to be detected by the air filter within your HVAC system.

The iWave technology produces equal ions similar to when nature creates equal ions with lightning, waterfalls, and ocean waves. Nature uses energy and shear to break down molecules, clean the air naturally, and provide a safe atmosphere. The only difference between the technology and design of the iWave is that the iWave does so without any bi-products.

iWave-R handles the air with no maintenance and no replacement parts in any brand of residential duct air conditioning systems up to 6 tons (2400 CFM) in size. Built for universal mounting, the iWave-R mounts inside of the air handler near the fan for optimum performance. It can plug directly into any nearby outlet.

Another reason the iWave is one of the best units on the market is that it always works at peak output, delivering more than 160 million ions/cc. iWave is designed to self-clean with a programmable cleaning cycle that can clean the brushes of the emitters every 1, 3, 5, or 10 days.The iWave-R is set to clean the factory every third day, which is ideal for a standard installation. Like negative-only ionizer goods, iWave-R does not build “black walls.”


There are plenty of reasons to love the iWave-R as the world’s first self-cleaning air purifier using ionic technology. Here are some benefits of why the iWave-R is among the best air purifiers on the market:


The air purifiers on your HVAC system do not come installed. These are add-ons that must be carefully and properly mounted to ensure that most toxins can be detected and eliminated from the air. This work may take over an hour to complete, depending on the air purifier’s mount.

We recommend professional installation of the iWave-R. With installation performed by an HVAC specialist, this will ensure your air purifier is installed properly for optimum performance as well as validates the warranty of the iWave.

Your local HVAC professional can connect the iWave-R to the inside or outside of a duct, or magnetically mount it to the air handler near the indoor fan. When installed, it simply needs to be plugged into a nearby existing outlet. It has a universal brace, making sure it fits into every HVAC device regardless of make or model.


The reason homeowners purchase air purifiers or air cleaners is that they remove allergens, and pollutants while improving the indoor air quality. Air purifiers that produce ionization are evaluated on their ability to filter out certain particles. The more ions produced, the more effective the air purifier can be.

The iWave-R produces over 160 million ions, making it’s Air Ionizer one of the most powerful on the market. As the system uses positive and negative ions, it will constantly purify the air when it moves through it, destroying bacteria, viruses, mold, and more. Ionization also tends to high the air supply of allergens, smoke, odors, and other pollutants.


You already know as a homeowner that the maintenance and repairs take time and can be costly. Not to mention, the downtime and also can reduce the longevity of your HVAC system. And most air purifiers are yet another item in your home that needs to be well-tended and cared for, adding to your already busy schedule.

With the iWave-R, it improves upon all of that. As the world’s first self-cleaning air purification ionization generator, this air purifier needs zero maintenance. With its built-in, programmable cleaning cycles, it purifies itself. You can turn the air purifier on with this feature and trust it will stay in good working condition for a long time to come.


You will find that the modern technology offered by iWave will provide your house with purified air 24/7. Some other air purifiers on the market use technologies which require ongoing maintenance with bulb/cell replacement every 1-2 years, making ownership costs undesired.

There are no hazardous by-products of iWave air purifiers, and most models do not need ongoing maintenance and do not have replacement parts. Indeed you can enjoy years of maintenance-free efficiency with the patent-pending self-cleaning nature of the iWave-R. Nu-Calgon does offer a three-year warranty on all iWave items. Proof of purchase, as well as proof of installation by a licensed HVAC or electrical contractor, must be given for a valid warranty claim within three years.

Not all air purifiers provide the same degree of maintenance or indoor air quality. If you want an easy-to-install air purifier, with no-maintenance, that delivers some of the best available indoor air quality, the iWave-R is a perfect option for your HVAC system.