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Tips to Save on Your Heating Bill

Save heating on your heating bill in Johnstown, Colorado

Take advantage of natural heating in your home to save on your heating bill in Johnstown, Colorado. In Colorado, we can take advantage our all of our sunny days, to help save on your heating bill. Read More about Ideal Comfort HVAC in Johnstown, Colorado, tips on how to save on your heating bill. Need to schedule a heating repair or heating maintenance click here.

Quick Tips to Save on Your Heating Bill

  1.  Take advantage of the Colorado sun: If your home faces west, sometimes your house may be too warm. But everyone in Johnstown, Colorado can take advantage of our sunny days. Open curtains during the day to allow the sun to warm your home; close curtains at night to trap in the heat.
  2. Change Your filter regularly: A dirty filter makes your furnace/heat pump work harder and leads to super scary numbers on your heating bill. Aim to swap yours out once a month. Make sure you change your furnace monthly.
  3. Turn down your thermostat: A couple of degrees cooler when you’re away or asleep can make a big difference in your heating bill (without any sacrifice from you).  Pro Tip: Get a programmable thermostat, and let it make the adjustments for you.
  4. Kick that old unit to the curb: Do you have an old heater? Often times an older furnace can rack up the energy bill because they weren’t built for energy savings back in the day. Breakups are never easy, but if you’ve been with your heating unit for a long time, it may be time to put an end to the relationship.
  5. Get a furnace tune-up:  Keep your furnace or heat pump running at peak performance by having it tuned up by a professional once a year. It’s a small expense that could lead to big savings. Ideal Comfort HVAC in Johnstown, Colorado will tune-up your furnace to keep your heater working all winter long. You don’t want a heating emergency, as that will not only leave your family cold on a winter’s night but also cost a lot more to fix.

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