May 12, 2019

Summer is Coming – Is Your AC Ready?

Summer is coming to Johnstown, Colorado is your AC ready? Before you know it, summer will be here in full swing – high temperatures and sunny skies! After the long winter season you may feel ready for the summer heat, but is your AC unit prepared to keep your home cool? It is important to ensure your system is prepped for summer, and as a homeowner, there are some quick tasks you can do to avoid costly maintenance mistakes. After sitting idle through the winter season, your AC unit will need a little TLC before running again. Take these significant yet simple actions before turning your thermostat to cool this season, and your home will be all set for summer.

Is Your AC Ready For Summer?

Is Your AC Ready For Summer?

Summer is coming to Johnstown, Colorado is your AC ready? Read more about the critical maintenance your AC will need to be ready for summer.

AC Tune-Up Checklist

  1. Replace filters: This should be done once a month for optimal performance and to help keep your homes air quality good.
  2. Clean Evaporator Coils: If this is done at least once a year, the coils will be easy to clean. Avoiding this can cause deterioration of the coils.
  3. Wipe Down Inside Air Handler
  4. Check Refrigerant Charge and Amp Draws: This can only be performed by a trained and certified AC contractor. Call Ideal Comfort Today
  5. Tighten All Electrical Connections: This is everything from the wire nuts to the lug nuts to the inside and outdoor disconnects. Loose wires can cause arcing and breakers to trip, and again, should only be done by professionals.
  6. Clean the Condensate Drain Line and Pan: This is probably the most important check of air conditioning tune-up, as it causes the most problems and also the most damage.

When It’s Time to Call an HVAC Professional: Trust Ideal Comfort HVAC in Johnstown, Colorado

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