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Reasons Why Your Home Is Uncomfortable?

There are many reasons why your home may be uncomfortable. In Johnstown, Colorado we often see a few key reasons why your home is uncomfortable. This like humidity, or dryness, the wrong size furnace, or heater are just a few reasons why your home is uncomfortable.

3 REASONS WHY YOUR HOME IS UNCOMFORTABLEWhen we get a call from a customer who says their home is uncomfortable it usually means they are having problems controlling temperatures, humidity, or they may have allergy problems within the home. Many Johnstown area homes have inefficient systems and even the ones with newer air conditioners most likely have poorly designed ductwork.


Having the right level of moisture in your indoor home environment at all times will ensure that your home HVAC systems are working efficiently for you. In other words, the right humidity levels help your home to feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If levels are not properly maintained, your home will not only feel very uncomfortable to live in, but you and your family may also become susceptible to respiratory disorders or chemical reactions. Additionally, improper humidity levels can also cause damage to both the inside and outside of your home. In Johnstown, Colorado it can get especially dry, especially in the winter months. A whole-home humidifier could increase humidity in your home, which would improve the comfortability in your home.


When someone designed your home, part of the design included the heating and cooling system. As with most homes, yours may have been modified since the original design. Or, if your home is new, the comfort system design may not be adequate for the home you are in.


Poor air quality is one of many reasons why your home is uncomfortable. It is critical that you have furnace maintenance on a bi-annual schedule. Improper filter replacement is one of the major causes of poor air quality in your home, which is a factor in why your home is uncomfortable.

Are you having issues in your home with comfortability? If so, you should address these as soon as possible. Ideal Comfort HVAC located right in the heart of Johnstown, Colorado is your local HVAC service and installation expert. Contact us today! Call Today