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How to Make Your HVAC System Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly is a term that can have many meanings depending on who you are and what your goal is. For some, being eco-friendly is simply using fewer plastics and avoiding single-use paper items. For others, it might be living off of solar panels and well water.

No matter what your green goals are, though, your HVAC system is an excellent place to start if you want to help the environment. In fact, heating and cooling make up over half of the United States’ total energy consumption, so even just 2% of households making the choice to have a more eco-friendly system in place can have a massive impact.

Let’s explore how you can revamp your own HVAC system so that it’s both more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Step #1: Use Environmentally-Friendly Refrigerant

Contrary to popular belief, not all refrigerants are created equal. Older air conditioners use a type of refrigerant called R-22, which contains chemicals that are harmful to the Ozone layer. And although this type of freon is being phased out, it’s still in use in some places.

Be sure to check what type of refrigerant you’re using, and switch out if necessary. Keep in mind, however, that some older HVAC units may not be able to use other types of refrigerants and, in this case, you may have to consider replacing your system.

Step #2: Revamp Your Insulation

Another big reason your HVAC system may not be working as well as it could is if your insulation simply isn’t holding that cool/hot air in. We recommend having an inspector come out to look at your insulation to both make sure it is up to expectation. Additionally, have the inspector look at what type of insulation you have and replace it with a higher efficiency version if necessary.

This can come with a daunting price point if you need to replace the insulation across your entire home, but it will save you much more money in the long run.

Step #3: Upgrade to a Higher Efficiency HVAC System

Not all HVACs are created equal, and if you’re still using the one that came with your house when you bought it, it probably wasn’t bought with the environment in mind.

We recommend switching over to a higher efficiency HVAC unit so that you can have peace of mind that you’re helping the environment. And if that isn’t enough of a reward, then you can sleep soundly knowing that you’ll be saving an average of $300-$400 per year in energy costs without making any sacrifices to your comfort.

If you’re considering upgrading your HVAC system to a more energy-efficient version, we recommend contacting us at 970-238-3788 to have one of our techs come out and provide you with a free quote.

No matter who you are, we know you deserve a better HVAC system than what you have right now, and we’re here to help provide it to you.