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How Does Geothermal Energy Work In A Home

Geothermal energy is a good alternative to fossil fossils for producing geothermal electricity. It ensures less use of oil, coal, and gas and less emission of greenhouse gasses and ultimately saves us from the danger of global warming. The favorable geothermal energy facts many households are using this source of energy which not only decreases their electric bills but also is eco-friendly.


Usually, a question is asked that can geothermal energy be employed at home. Well, the answer to it is that it can be used. It is not necessary that you can enjoy this limitless form of energy that can only be enjoyed in equators or in an extremely hot region. Many homes can tap into it. Tunnels dug underground vertically or horizontally use geothermal power to bring your home temperature to earth temperature; it helps you to go below or above that temperature that is the house is either cooled or heated. This is called ground source heating or cooling.

Geothermal Heat Pump Flow


The temperature of the earth remains constant around 58 to 60 degrees. Tunnels dug five to six feet deep or up to four hundred feet long can help us in driving the energy and a noticeable decrease of 70% in electric bills occurs. The setup of these tunnels is quite expensive but if the process starts then the effective cost becomes very less in a short period of time. Actually no matter how much is the temperature outside, the temperature deep down would always be 50 degrees; which is very near to the ideal.

You can always reach a comfort zone. If it is too cold then you can add some heat to your home by driving energy from the earth. It takes very little time to cool your home in summer as the duct continuously pumps cooled air into every corner of your home. This means that you can maintain your home temperature without spending much money. The thermostat needs not to be turned up very high or very low in summers and winters respectively. This geothermal source saves almost 40% of what is spent on other cooling and heating systems.

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