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How do you know if your heater is broken?

When the temperatures rise and dip in Johnstown, Colorado, your heater may be working overtime. When it’s super cold and your home isn’t heating up, but the temperatures are up and down, how do you know if your heater is broken? Ideal Comfort HVAC has three clues that your heater might be broken, or need maintenance.


Although this seems obvious, it’s on this list for a very good reason: lack of heat doesn’t necessarily mean your heater is broken. Check the circuit breaker; you may have experienced a power surge. Ascertain that the heater is connected to a power source. Look at your thermostat to see that you set it correctly (this error happens more often than you think). If the source of the heat loss doesn’t come from any of these, get an HVAC professional to find out what’s wrong.

You should keep careful track of your budget not only to find ways to save money but because a sudden increase in a particular area can warn of trouble. If your energy bills spike, and you can’t explain it because of a change in the season, it may be a red flag that your heater isn’t working right. The heater might be draining power to overcome a break or fault. Get repairs done sooner rather than later—before the whole system shuts down, and your budget takes a hit from a more expensive repair.

The noises are probably coming from the depths of your furnace. Modern heaters should operate with a minimum of noise. Some are quieter than others, but you shouldn’t have trouble noticing a sound that doesn’t belong. Clanging in a furnace might mean a broken fan belt. Rumbling in a boiler could point to overheating. Clicking inside any system that uses natural gas might indicate a crack in the heat exchanger, which is a serious issue that requires immediate professional attention because of a gas leak danger. Whatever the noise, if it’s loud and you haven’t heard it before, you probably have a broken heater.

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