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Heating & AC Maintenance – Comfort Club

Comfort Club – HVAC Maintenance in Johnstown, CO

Ideal Comfort HVAC offers the most comprehensive residential and commercial Johnstown HVAC maintenance on all heating and air conditioning units in Loveland, CO, Greeley, CO, Milliken, CO and the entire Northern Colorado region.

By having your air conditioner unit or furnace regularly serviced, you can make sure you stay protected against unexpected and sudden breakdowns. You also maintain the maximum efficiency of your residential or commercial heating and cooling system for many years.

The best way to keep your HVAC system running the best is to become a Comfort Club Member. Our exclusive Comfort Club has the best HVAC maintenance benefits available in Johnstown, Loveland, and Northern Colorado.

It doesn’t matter if you bought a new HVAC unit through us or if you want to keep your existing HVAC system running smoothly, our top-rated HVAC company can get you into an affordable annual maintenance plan that will make sure your system gets thoroughly checked and tuned up. One top of all of those benefits, you’ll save money on our regular rate of our air and heating maintenance services.

If you want more information about our exclusive Comfort Club Membership, or to make a heating or air conditioner maintenance appointment, call 720-884-7646.

Start saving money! Sign up for one of our HVAC maintenance plans today!

We offer the best HVAC maintenance plans in the greater Denver area. Comfort Club members can expect all of the following as part of their Ideal Comfort HVAC Maintenance Plan:

Check: thermostat*, pressure switches, contactor, obstructions, and outlet gas pressure

Clean: blower motor exterior, condenser coil, electrical disconnect, ignition assembly, cabinet, drain and trap

Inspect: humidifier*, blower assembly, flue draft, venting, water heater, and safeties

Measure: suction pressure, temperature drop, temperature rise, amperage draw for all parts

Lubricate: all moving parts to minimize friction and increase energy savings

Replace: dirty air filters* of all types (fiberglass, pleated filters, HEPA)

Tighten: electrical connections to ensure safe operation and optimum performance

Verify: integrity of burners, carbon monoxide levels, limits, capacitors, and blower speed*

Ideal Comfort HVAC currently offers 3 different Comfort Club HVAC maintenance plans: