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Does An AC Require Service Every Year?


Maintenance is an extremely important aspect of owning anything mechanical. As your HVAC system is likely the largest mechanical system in your home or business, it makes sense that you should have maintenance performed on your AC units. But is annual HVAC maintenance necessary?

Air conditioner tune-ups are extremely important in both maintaining the life of your HVAC system as well as keeping it running at peak efficiency.


Before we cover why heating and cooling systems need to have tune-ups every year. Let’s briefly cover some of the most common causes of HVAC failure. We covered some similar material previously when we talked about HVAC warning signs you can’t ignore.

There’s quite a bit that can go wrong with your air conditioning system or furnace, so if something does go wrong on your Johnstown, Loveland, Milliken, or Northern Colorado HVAC system, you should be sure to give Ideal Comfort HVAC a call to get your system running again fast.


Older AC system

Dirty Air Filters – This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep your HVAC system running properly, yet this seems to be something that people constantly overlook. Dirty air filters trap pollutants and when they aren’t regularly changed (we recommend every 3 months) they make your air conditioner or furnace work twice as hard.

Poorly Balanced Dampers – Most ductwork systems in homes terminate in individual rooms. Dampers are in the main supply line which act to control airflow throughout the ducts. If the dampers are poorly balanced, some rooms are cooled or heated faster than others.

Broken Thermostat – It’s surprising how many HVAC systems are having problems because of thermostats. Unfortunately, it’s not as obvious when it’s the thermostat causing the problem.

Leaking Refrigerant – This is commonly seen with air conditioning units and causes poor to no performance if the problem is bad enough. Refrigerants are required to cool the incoming air for your home.

Tripped Breaker – If the HVAC unit won’t function at all, there’s a good possibility that the circuit breaker was tripped. The breaker is what provides the flow of electricity and powers the unity.


This is a natural question. You spend a good amount of money on a new AC unit or furnace, shouldn’t it just run fine for its entire life? If only that were true.

While searching the internet about this topic, it was disheartening to see that some companies are telling their customers that they don’t need annual maintenance. I even saw one company that was trying to be “extra honest” by telling you that you don’t need HVAC maintenance.

Companies that do this are hoping that your system will not run as long and that you’ll need an expensive replacement sooner.

Similarly, there are companies that run $29 Spring Tune-Up Specials, those should be avoided as well. Companies that are quick to offer these super cheap tune-ups are looking to get in the door and find reasons you need to make expensive HVAC repairs. It’s the only way they can make money on the deal.

It’s important to do research on the company you’re using for your air conditioner tune-up in Johnstown, Loveland, Milliken, Greenely, and the rest of Northern Colorado.

You need annual maintenance to your HVAC system because it is a system that works whether it’s cold or hot and there’s a lot that can go wrong. As we said above, it’s the largest mechanical system in your home and it needs maintenance to keep it working at the high efficiency you’re expecting.


Flower in front of AC system

As I said previously, spring tune-up specials that are priced extremely low are generally used to get in the door and offer expensive repairs. It is true that sometimes you go to a home and see a repair that is needed while doing a tune-up, but that is not very common.

The whole point of regular maintenance, like what you get with Ideal Comfort HVAC‘s AC maintenance plan – Comfort Club, is to keep your system running more efficiently for a longer period of time. Of course, we would hope that should you need air conditioning repairs or an HVAC replacement you’d choose the experts at Ideal Comfort HVAC. But that is not the focus of our plan, we aim to give our customers peace of mind and an excellent experience.

You can see that by the things our Comfort Club includes.


Our Comfort Club includes all the same air conditioning services you’d get with our normal AC tune-ups:

  • Check: thermostat*, pressure switches, contactor, obstructions, and outlet gas pressure
  • Clean: blower motor exterior, condenser coil, electrical disconnect, ignition assembly, cabinet, drain and trap
  • Inspect: humidifier*, blower assembly, flue draft, venting, water heater, and safeties
  • Measure: suction pressure, temperature drop, temperature rise, amperage draw for all parts
  • Lubricate: all moving parts to minimize friction and increase energy savings
  • Replace: dirty air filters* of all types (fiberglass, pleated filters, HEPA)
  • Tighten: electrical connections to ensure safe operation and optimum performance
  • Verify: integrity of burners, carbon monoxide levels, limits, capacitors, and blower speed*

*depending on the system – call for details

But we also offer many other things which make it more beneficial to be a part of the club rather than just use us for your HVAC service call.

Our Comfort Club includes:

  • Priority Service
  • Free service diagnostic and travel
  • 20% discount on all necessary repairs
  • 5% discount on all new equipment and products
  • Access to special promotions


At Ideal Comfort HVAC, we don’t simply care about your HVAC air conditioner repair in Johnstown or being your single-use shop. Other companies are in that business, get you in, get you to spend as much money as possible, and move on to the next customer.

We care about building relationships, listening to your needs, and seeing how we can best deliver with excellent customer service and expert technicians.

If you’re in need of an AC tune-up, we’re more than happy to service your heating and air conditioning units. If you’re looking for a company that takes care of you today as well as in the future, Ideal Comfort HVAC is the only company to call.