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3 Steps To Improving Your Heater’s Performance

We all know that on those chilly winter Johnstown, Colorado nights, heating your home can get very expensive in months like January and February. Improving your heater’s performance may have a direct effect on your heating bills. At Ideal Comfort HVAC, we have 3 steps to help you improve your heater’s performance.


Running your furnace is an expense we deal with in Johnstown, Colorado every winter. What most people do is that we often don’t have to pay as much as we do. If you’ve been wondering how to improve your furnace efficiency, look no further. These 3 tips will help you run your furnace more efficiently – and save money every winter.


Every house has dust and hair, no matter how clean it is. When this gets drawn into your ducts and into your furnace, it can cause problems over time. For this reason, your furnace has a filter to protect it. If this filter gets clogged, the flow of air to your furnace will be reduced, and your furnace will have to work harder, use more energy, and cost you more money. The US Department of Energy says that a dirty filter can cost you 5% – 15% inefficiency.


Running your furnace to heat your home to one temperature all the time wastes energy. We don’t need the house to be as warm when we’re away at work or snuggled under the covers while we sleep. The problem is that most people are too busy to remember to turn the temperature down several times a day. It’s also irritating to have to wait while the house heats back up in the morning and when we come home from work. A programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature and then get on with your day. The unit will automatically reduce your home’s temperature to use less energy. You’ll also be able to set the furnace to have everything warmed up for you when you wake up or come home, so you don’t even need to notice that you’re saving money. When used correctly, a programmable thermostat can save you a minimum of 6.5% – often more if you care about cutting costs – and that’s on both gas heating and electricity for your air conditioner.


Getting a furnace tune-up every year (especially in the early fall) will make your furnace last longer. It will also run more efficiently while it’s working. It’s one of the simplest steps we recommend to our customers who want to know how to increase furnace efficiency. Your furnace technician will make sure everything is clean and be working its best, and replace anything that isn’t safe or is about to break down. You can help avoid more expensive emergency repair situations – and sitting in a freezing house – by booking a tune-up appointment annually.

We’re sure that no matter how your actual numbers work out, you’ll find that you’re spending thousands of dollars that you could be using for something that’s much more fun.

If you’re ready to start saving on energy, contact Ideal Comfort HVAC for more information on how to make your furnace more efficient. You can also schedule a furnace tune-up online below.